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Direct Primary Care in Jacksonville

Since I first became a doctor, the American healthcare system has changed drastically. The federal government, large hospital corporations, and private insurance companies make even the most basic primary care services expensive and hard to access, even if you pay a hefty health insurance premium. Due to restrictive laws and policies passed over the past few years, individualized care has flown out the window as physicians work twice as hard to see as many patients in one day as possible just to cover overhead costs and meet patient quotas. Prescription drug sales drive medical decisions daily. Patients get just 15 to 20 minutes with their family doctor maybe once or twice a year. All of those options are unacceptable to me and work against the reasons why I became a primary care physician. I care about people and want a practice wholly focused on the patients I serve, and that’s why I decided to switch to the direct primary care model of medicine.

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, departs from traditional insurance-based models of primary care and provides patients with more direct attention from their physician when they need it. Building a relationship with your doctor is nothing revolutionary; it’s just the fastest path to better health. For example, DPC subscribers report 82% fewer surgeries and 65% fewer ER visits (British Medical Journal, October 28th, 2013)

Direct Primary Care allows patients to pay a physician directly, whether they have insurance or not. By working directly with my patients and cutting out the middleman, I’m able to lower my costs while simultaneously improving access to care by providing more time to patients and decreasing waiting times. This gives my patients more one-on-one attention from me at affordable cash pricing.

Appointments with me last up to an hour in order to allow my patients ample time to fully explain any health problems and receive the proper hands-on care they require. This ensures enough time for me as the doctor to truly understand their problems and explain my treatments. All office visits are covered under a monthly fee, including an annual wellness visit. The monthly membership also provides access to me through telemedicine and email, so I can answer any questions or discuss immediate health concerns.

How is DPC different?

Unlike insurance-based care, DPC gives you access to unlimited doctor visits and more time with your doctor. Many direct primary care patients keep their high-deductible insurance and catastrophic care policies for medical testing, lab work, specialist visits, surgeries and emergencies. Insured patients can typically receive reimbursement from insurance carriers for care received in a DPC practice by filing a claim with an itemized bill for review, which the doctor can provide upon request. Your DPC Physician retains the ability to order any tests or refer to specialists just as they have in a traditional practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is direct pay better?

Conventional insurance-based medical practices are becoming unwieldy with more employees and time spent just on billing and collections. Insurance companies dictate the type of care doctors give, and doctors have to see 35+ patients a day to maintain their business. Many times, the cost of billing is more than the fee itself.

Direct pay allows physicians the freedom to serve patients and practice medicine the way they were trained. No billing means doctors have time to spend with patients, and patients can access the doctor when and where they need to.

Ultimately, direct pay allows for more than just a better version of what is already there. Doctors are able to redefine the frontlines of care by providing proactive and preventive care that is otherwise unavailable in the traditional system. This leads patients to experience better service while having better health – namely fewer surgeries, specialist visits, hospitalizations, and medicines.

Do you have evidence that direct pay costs less?

Numerous reports show better care and cost saving throughout the United States. In North Carolina, DPC saved $1.28 million in health care claims in one year for 2000 patients. Less paperwork for doctors means more time to spend with patients as needed to manage medical conditions. More time means better access which means fewer specialist referrals, hospital admissions, and ER visits. In insurance-based medical clinics, 43% of the day is spent on needless paperwork

After Hours

My practice leverages a telemedicine app that allows me to be available to you after hours. especially in emergencies. This dedicated tool allows us to securely text, facetime, and send pictures in real time.

How are office visits handled?

It’s easy – schedule a visit either online or call in and come into the office to see me when your visit is actually scheduled. You and I also have the option to a televisit as an alternative for a quick checkup or if you’re sick at home and would prefer not to come in. As a member of my practice there are no additional charges to see me-ever!

Will you allow me to see you without signing up for full membership?

You never know what the future holds for your health, so I would always suggest joining for a full membership to take advantage of my time to get ahead of any problems that may pop up. If you aren’t sure if a membership is right for you, whether it be financial, for your health, or otherwise, you can always contact me so we can sit down and I can help you work through your decision.

How can I be sure you will have time for me if your access is unlimited

Because my main priority is you and I want to make sure I’m available for you while maintaining little to no wait, same day or next day visits, as well as no, rushed, 45 minute visits, I cap my patient panel at 600 patients (a traditional panel is 2000-3000 patients).


If you feel you need to go to the hospital, please call and discuss with me at any time. I can help you decide whether it’s something we can take care of or if the emergency room is necessary. As your private physician, I would like to be involved in your hospital care—whether to speak to the emergency room physician or the in-patient doctor to assist in your care. We are also happy to keep in touch with your families during your stay and help arrange for your care after you return home.


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