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About The Doctor

Tanya Reimschissel, DO

I became a doctor in order to help people. In my previous experience, government and insurance companies mandated how I’m able to treat and help people. Not anymore. Now I am able to treat the whole patient. Mind, body and spirit. This philosophy promotes wellness in my patients and my practice. I now have time to talk in-depth to my patients and we are able to educate each other. I believe that more education benefits us in so many ways and within care. When dealing with your health, education leads to prevention and prevention saves money and lives.

Arise Direct Primary Care Center combines traditional and integrative medicine. We promote nutrition and exercise, using osteopathic principles to get to the root of the issue.  

My Background

I first became a nurse and eventually went back to medical school to become an internal medicine physician. I treat all types of issues, acute and chronic, and bring my experience as a nurse and a physician to bear for you in ways others cannot.

My biggest passion in life is to take my Christian faith, medical experience and education on medical missions trips to the outer parts of the world to care for people in need of humanitarian and medical care. I bring the same personal care and attention to all my patients, no matter where they live.



  • University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville – Internal Medicine Residency
  • Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine – Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
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To provide optimum care for our patients and promote overall health and wellness.

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